Something New

This is a different something to know then the thing to know that was here previously. As time is constant, but the events happening within it are not, so too must the details describing those very events change. This is to say in the long that things must often be updated, but this phrasing above is a bit more pretentious the just saying it outright. Something that I often find ubiquitous with my writing. Anyway on with the actual message.

I write because I have a drive, a motivation, to create things that are unequivocally a reflection of myself. The narcissist steps forward. But as much as I value my own opinions I often get more enjoyment out of listening to others, and what they wish to contribute good or bad, poorly reflecting, or well reflecting of themselves. This why I am opening a google form in which if you wish you may submit poetry, stories, advice, perhaps a rant at me, or about anything you so desire. If you think it’s important enough to be shared I recommend you share it with me through the form, and I might post it if you do. You can also submit something, and then designate you would not like it shared, and I will read it but then of course not share it with the public. If you do share something with me, and you wish it to be published I will of course give you credit as due. If you have some extra time I’m also leaving a spot on the form for you to tell me what the post means to you, and why it was written. This is also optional. The whole thing is optional mind you, but I always think it’s important to ask others for their contributions, and thoughts on a subject.  So I look forward to what ever it is that is submitted.

That’s the most recent thing I’ve decided is important to me. I am not barring submissions from being submitted based on content. No limitations, but just because something is shared with me does not however mean I’ll share it. If no one participates so be it. If everyone participates fantastic.

This blog will continue to be a record of my inner thoughts, and stories I wish to tell for the time being, and will hopefully continue to be a source of thought provoke, and entertainment for those who are still here. Thank you for your time.

-An Outreaching Record of Myself


The link to the form:

-This is a port-key to a google form-