Full of Time

A sleeping rest of gentle plush

But free of illness or of crutch

Stand up straight back to wall

But already after a final fall.

The love entombed forever more.

A rival exit through a coffin door.

Our faces blank yet full of song.

To embrace the cold, to muster on

To clasp his hand, he leads the way

Does the world we know still remain

I loved a soul such as one I knew

But does the chains of strife as such undo


A box back coat, a stanson hat

But never needed is crowd of black

To love, to lose, contemplate the point

Upon this day the church anoint.


In time he tells what really beacons

And what lies ahead til day of recons

Beauty through the spoken word

expressions through sorrowed mind


And I’ll tell you about it, when you too

Are full of time.

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