About Me Sort Of

A little about myself(just a bit). I find solace in the communication of expressive thought. To to make others be able to understand the ideas, and our abstract ways  thinking through a medium is a goal of mine in every facet of life. Albeit in the form of visual art, poetry, music. The ability to explore expression is imperative to humans as a higher species, and as such I feel a need to do the same. To make my voice heard to those that wish to listen for however brief. I can already see this ending up on r/I’m 14 and this is deep but regardless that’s my goal. I’m only 18 so while I have only experienced a mere 1/5 of life, and arguably the least exploratory part of it, I still have thoughts, creative blurbs, complaints, etc, etc that it would be a shame to let fall into the recess of insignificant thought.  It occurs to me that none of the existential recitation I just explicated (explain + explode) at you tells you a lick of relevant information about myself other than rather indirectly cluing you into my purpose. So here we go:

I love people. All types, and everything there is to know about them.

I hate tomatoes. If you’ve met me you already know this as it’s my go to trivia fact.

I consider myself somewhat of an art collector.

The music is only too loud when it hurts your ears or you can’t hear yourself singing along.

I’ve jumped out of a plane.

I am very pale. Scottish, and Irish decent thank you for that.

I don’t stay upset for very long. Let the albatross fly away.

“Don’t be shocked when your history book mentions me.”  – Lin Miranda.

I’m writing a book right now, we’ll not RIGHT now cause you know, but here and there the pages are coming to fruition.

I love Alice in Wonderland as well as consider myself a bookworm though I haven’t been reading as much as I should. Now that’s an amalgamation of information for you that may or may not clarify somethings.

FairFarren for now,

-An Insightful Record of myself







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