The Intruder (Monologue)



How are you?



Do you mind if I ask why you’re here?

Like what led you here, I suppose I could ask myself the same question.

You spend 27 years going somewhere, trying to accomplish something, and when you finally get there only then do you know if you actually got it right.

Just by the way things look right now things aren’t going the way you planned breaking, and entering into houses a life’s a life I suppose. 

But you know things might get better for you, your life may take you to a better place than were you are now, I’ll be rooting for you, I really will.

 I can’t imagine things will be getting much better for me though. I don’t blame you  though. You seem like good lad, no one ever hopes to actually use the gun they bring, but things happen.

Oh yeah you’re probably wondering how this happening. Truth is I’m not sure myself. They say when someone is about to die time slows down. Maybe it’s God’s way of giving people a little more time, just to sit and think.  Not too much time though I see that bullet moving really slowly this way. So I’ll be brief.

It’s these moments that you can’t really do anything about you just have to let them happen. It’s strange I  already know what the reports going say nothing it’s special but lets go through it anyway.

10:43 intruder crashes through side window

10:44 homeowner comes down stairs with a flashlight

10:45 Robber panics at being caught accidently fires 22 caliber bullet at suspects chest

10:46 victim dies of cardiac shock

10:47 Robber immediately leaves and is caught 3 hours later, and charged for first degree murder, and theft  years 27. 27 years for the years he took, 27 years are the years he’ll serve. That’s fair.

10:48 Wife of victim finds body, and she looks a little too long at him but she can’t help herself, she just can’t help herself. She calls 911 but she knows.

Nothing special about all this. You, and me, were just people. I do have to thank you though you had the courtesy to use a silencer. Don’t want to wake the baby after all she doesn’t sleep well as it is.

I just want you to think about the choices you’ve made. I’m not mad really. We all make choices that lead us to where we end up. If this is how it’s meant to be, who am I to question it?

If you’ll give me just a moment I would like a chance to say goodbye.

*Homeowner is addressing his wife who is upstairs*

Goodbye Hun, I’ll miss you. When you find me down here…don’t look at me too long it won’t help anything.

*Back to robber*

Alright sir whether you want it to or not this is is whats happening so lets get to it.

*Momentary beat as homeowner resumes the act of finding the intruder*


What are you doing, stop!


*Gun shot*




*The monologue opens with a homeowner addressing the man robbing his house during the middle of the night. The homeowner should be in a night time clothing, and depending on lighting a flashlight as a prop can add to the affect of the darkness. The homeowner is speaking to the intruder in the slowed moments that the bullet is traveling towards him. The tone should be serious but not harsh*



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