Stand, Kneel. Rise, Cower.

Stand amongst the Gods and revel in your insignificance.

Are you one to believe that your merit must be already be proven as such here you stand?

No stones of denial may be cast for that for tis true you hold your ground before us.

But how arrogant a creature must you be to both see yourself fit to raise your head, and witness our glory while not even possessing the slightest comprehension of what it is you witness.

Human your arrogance bleeds dangerously close to something far worse than the work of Gods.

For no God considers himself the god of gods, but yet humans have no quarrels with asserting they indeed could be the kings of kings.

Perhaps you aspire to be something more than a king, but less than a God?

But surely that can’t be for truth for a king be a king because he knows his place. That role to which he has fulfilled to the fullest of his might. Nothing remains to aspire.

Or is truly what you withhold speaking that you do intend to rival us? Be our equal? Surpass us?

Something more powerful than a god? The very notion of a thought such as that is frightening.


A lowly man to surpass a God…is it not possible.

What trick is this you wield? Perhaps you are not a man at all, but perhaps rather a demon.

What is this feeling? Something unspeakable looms in my mind borne a new from the depth of my sight…. is this fear?

What are you that dares defy those that created you? You should not have the capacity to hope to best us for it is us who birthed, and clothed you from dirt unto you fall back to ash. You are our creation, and for your life we are responsible. Such hubris…

Perhaps we did not create you. And if not, the more startling question becomes:

Who did?

– A Brazen Record of Myself



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