Heart of the Grave


Well come on and a sit right down

We take all types from the shot to the drowned

Don’t matter to us in the heart of grave

For the worst of you yet still seem unscathed

Damn me a miracle, spare a me a prayer

For you should a done that while you were still up there.

But I welcome you to the land of the dead, and the bones

Only problem down here is we got no phones

Roaming fees as a nightmare.

But enjoy your stay drink your spirit

No need to leave early we just won’t hear it

You seem off put by how look

But I’ll stop you right there no need to be shook

Cause were all the same

As we once quite were

Internal not external, but that shouldn’t deter

See People don’t change through life, and death

Doesn’t matter what they do with their last dying breath

But right down in heart of the grave

It’s all your choice, ain’t no path paved

No one to tell you whatcha do with your time

And bones your skull

But you’re already dead and your cups half full

Now we don’t have bodies, but but that’s nothing we need

Got we still got morals, and we still got creed.

Were a lively a bunch in the heart of the grave

Cause we all let go that we couldn’t be saved

Now take my carpal, and jump right in

For you gotta be comfortable without your skin

So our eyes are dust, and our tongues are still.

But that don’t mean corpses don’t love their frill

Now I understand if you need a little while

But there’s so many people that miss your smile

And they’ve love to see you why yes they would

For the last time they did was the box of the wood

In the heart of the grave we all do respect

What the living must do to keep their necks

And we pity them for it’s the troubles the face

That makes down here such a lovely place

Another down under, and all you gotta give

Is one less person whose forced to live

And right down here in the heart of the grave

Are the lovers, and the fighters, and forgivers, and the writers, the wrongers

goners, the givers, the takers, the sweepers, the bakers, the musical makers,

the dreamers, the schemers,the leaders, succeeders, the failures still trying, and those who are lost, the black widow mourners, the cherish adorners, and those we miss dearly and a few others too, and last but not least

we welcome you.

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