“Oh dear oh dear oh dear it’s 1:40 we’re going to be late”

“Well punctuality was never your strong suit”

“Yeah but still I don’t particularly like being late especially for a day like today”

“Yeah I get that…Do you want me to take a shorter route?”

“I mean if you can but just be careful I don’t want you going too fast”

“It’s my life not yours”

“Ok fair enough step on it” 

The gas pedal has it’s way on the asphalt road as the car speeds along through cars, running through a few optional red lights, and melting rubber as the lights of traffic, and bike signals blur alike. Dave riding in the back jostles back and forth as the car turns, and turns, and turns again around steep, and gentle curves like. Fifteen minutes of back, and forth heavy weight distribution later the car reaches it’s first stop.

Alright we’ve got a few minutes pick out something nice would you?

“What do you think roses? Roses are nice”

“No no no everyone does roses be original.”

“Oh geez, just come in with me would you.”

The car clicks, and two sharply dressed men hurriedly step into the parking lot of their towns only local flower shop. The driver is looking for something vibrant that really pops for the occasion, as well as won’t make a mess when  the pedals fall off. The passenger is looking something more classic, like roses.

“Everyone likes roses” he thinks

“Hey look look look” the other guy waves him over hurriedly.

“See they’ve got carnations, you can’t go wrong with carnations, and they won’t spear anyone when the pick them up, tetanus is a real problem like you wouldn’t believe it.

“Fine carnations it is, but you’re paying.”

“What why, do you really care if you pay?”

He considers it for a second.

“Eh good point. Hey sir! we’ll take 2 bouquets of carnations! Just charge it on my card”.

He pulls the card out of his coat pocket and hands it to the cashier, a youngish looking fellow who looks like he had a dream to open a flower shop “keep the card we gotta go.”

They rush out the store with the same fervor but now more careful not to shake the pedals of the flowers as the plow, and leap back into the car.

“Step on it”

The car whooshes out the lot as fast as it can. They pull up to their destination. And practically leap outta through the tinted windows. He’s got his hand on the glass door, and he’s just pushed it open when he gets called back.

“Hey wait wait, come back”

He does an about face he looks around making sure no one sees him walking around looking like the distraught late person he is.


“Your hairs messed up, let me just…” He pulls a comb out of his back pocket, and brushes it into a nice comb over for him. Then he shakes him a little to give it up that planned messed up look.

“Alright that look fine. Ok you’ve got you’re roses, hairs fine, suit, the suits good”

“Yeah I think it looks nice anyways”

“Oh yeah I thought you’d love it”

“Well to be fair it came out of my closet”


“Alright checklist: got your watch?”


“Got your quarter.”


“Got your roses

” Carnations yeah”

“God Damn whatever”

“Then you’re good”

He starts to turn around, but then turns back

“Do you have any mints”

“You got halitosis?”

“Yeah I would hate to breathe on anyone”

“Very funny. Go! You’re already late”

He burst into the room, there’s his whole family his sister, his mom, the whole Cobbs family. As he strides in everyone stops talking for a brief moment before clapping for his entrance. He gives a small nod, a smile, and a wave. It’s a small crowd but actually more then he was expecting more then his wedding that’s for sure. He walks over to his mom, and gives her a big hug.

“Mom this looks so good”

He motions to the decorations set up, and hung in the hall.

“I know right I just love the blue, and the green, the planner didn’t like it. He thought it was too quiet for the occasion but I know what my son likes.

“Oh definitely I think it works.

His sister runs over,  and wraps her arms around his waist as he hugs her back.

“Oh hey Sis.”

“Hey yourself well don’t you look like a million bucks”

“Oh this yeah I mean can’t say I picked it out myself”

“Humble as always”.

“Well I think I’m humble so can I really be humble”

“Oh I like that, did you come up with that” Sis says.

“I guess so it’s not really quote worthy though if that’s what you’re thinking”

“Well it might have to do because you haven’t given us anything else. Mister I’ve been asking your for months so guess what that’s what you’re getting”

If that’s what you want Mom, fine, but please don’t spell a word wrong, I can’t die with that in my head.

A woman standing behind him leans over and taps him on the shoulder.

“Hey I think were about to start.” she says with a tone of impatience in her voice

“Fantastic” he says to her as he breathes out to rid himself of his stage jitters. He looks back at his family.

“Oh dear ok I got to go up, love you guys.”

“Were so proud of your sweetie good luck.”

She gives a big thumbs up, and wraps her arm around her daughter. He gives a megawatt smile back at them, as he sends a thumbs up back.

He gets up on stage, and straightens his tie which is a little bit crooked from the hug, he’s nervous he normally doesn’t like being in from of crowd but this is ok. As the volume settles down he waves to fully quiet them down. The attendant hands him a microphone.


There’s applause.

“I would like to thank my wonderful family for hosting this event, and everyone who showed it really means a lot to me truly it does, so without further ado…oh and I would like to apologize for being late, sorry about that, not that I’ve ever been punctual.

That gets a small laugh from people who understand the joke the best from being privy to it first hand.

He hands the microphone back to the attendant, who gives a polite nod, and a smile, part of his job.

He grabs the handle on the coffin, and opens the lid motioning for him the climb inside. He puts one leg inside, and he feels it go numb but it’s nothing he isn’t prepared for. He sticks the other leg in, and the same sensation or lack there of follows. He’s still bent at the waist. He looks back at his Mom, and Sister, and gives a small wave. They look so proud, and his sis does a little hop of excitement with her hands clasped. He’d miss that a small bit. He smiles to himself as the rest of his body falls below the lip of the coffin. The Carnations in his left hand now a much more vibrant hue of red compared to his complexion. The sensation of emptiness climbs his waist as the tone of his clear skin turns grey, and wrinkled. The moments slow as his mind falls blank, and he feels a singular kick in his chest, and then diminishing waves, but there’s no pain. He face falls against the plush pillow at the head of the case with a smile of fulfillment on it, eyes filled with promise, and ambition visible in them before they’re manually shut. The attendant closes the coffin lid, and thanks the crowd for their attendance, and to have a great rest of their day

The crowd rushes out the doors for the next group to begin setting up for later that evening. Perhaps this one to actually begin on time because if no one is keeping a tight schedule what’s the point at all?

-A Strict Record of Myself



In response to the daily prompt Rush








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