Drink while the Sun still shines

“You’re wrong I’ll tell you that much” said the man

“About?” said the second man.

“The beer doesn’t shine like it used to, I used to pour myself a pint, and it was liquid gold in mug, now…not so much, more of a dull yellow like piss, and you used to say that shine–that glimmer would never fade, but it has, and so I say to you: You were wrong”

“I think you’ve spent more time staring into the mug then actually drinking, or maybe you’re looking at it wrong”

“How many ways are there to look at getting wasted in a dark bar?”

“More then a few.”

“Maybe you look past the mug, and you see where you are in the peak of the times, human civilization has progressed so far that we can start degrading ourselves mentally, and loose self control because we aren’t afraid we’ll get fucked by a dinosaur. Doesn’t that count for something?”

“What if I look at it that here we were at the peak of human civilization, and compared to everyone else my life’s so miserable I want to block it out with socially expectable poison?”

“You could look it like that”

“Or” said the second man

“What if you look at it that you’ve been successful enough in life that you can afford to buy your self a few “indulgences” because hey life is tough, and you’ve earned it so drink up”

He nudges the boot of beer in his direction sloshing it around the glass mug, and spilling a few drops onto the table.

Mid lip sip man number ones eyes practically role into the back of his head, and the corner of his mouth upturns into a irritated smile.

He chuckles” Is there a reason you want me to get hammered on this stuff? You got stock in the company or some shit? Earned my right to drink alcohol. What an honor. Piss brew ale from a knock off brewery in a dark bar on a Sunday–Just screams top tier living to me.”

He takes his final sip to empty the boot

“What do you see in that mug?”

“A future?”

“A blockade?”

“Or do you Jamie?

“Shut the fuck up about her”

“There it is”

“Always got to bring her don’t you”

“Why does it always put in a mood”

“I said shut up about it”

The room already quiet, and only full of mumblings begins to fall away to an even deep silence.

“You have something you wanna say?”

Man number one continues intensely at man number two. His eyes dripping with tears that leak pain from newly rubbed salt. Man number one grabs the mug holding the last little bit of beer left, and he swings it down arc towards man number twos head. He misses the lob, and flying out of his hand it shatters again one of the back walls spraying glass, and booze froth everywhere, and that deafens whatever noise was still living on. Heads briefly turn to observe the commotion. At the height of his career in bar rowdiness he lunges at number two but in his stupor once again comes up short. Number two sidesteps the charge, grabbing his own mug  and effectively knocks out number two his a rap on the head. As number one falls on his face two grabs his assailants wallet which is sticking glaringly far out of his pocket. And with a resounding *thud* two hits the floor, and the murmurations around the room resume as the duel between the drinkers concludes as it starts: rather uneventfully.

Two puts a twenty down on the bar, and says to only himself (as his previous set of ears is unconscious, but still however can be used as an excuse to verbalize thought.

“You’ve got to remember, it’s not the beer that keeps the glimmer shinning, it’s the glass you hold it in.”

He motions at the bartender about his friend on the floor, he gives a curt nod of understanding, and then goes back to his glass shining. One then takes his exit with a slight buzz, and  a wallet of pocket change to do with what he liked. The cold air fills his lungs, and he waits for someone to come pick him up, and take him somewhere different.

– A Will Full Record of  Myself



In response to the daily prompt Glimmer





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