Sleepless nights, and restless dreams.

A spotlight aimed so precisely it illuminates the deepest reaches of soul.

And cast its light it does. It has but a single goal.

Clarity through disparaging anonymity.

The light it burns as it fills the shadows with it’s truths.

Lumens to cinders they burn, and peel away the built up layers of skin.

Until so clearly visible is what is left it becomes unsettling.

A thousand degrees of cascading light. And only the hope remains that it shall find another to call its focus.

and that perhaps the spotlight of unrelenting characterization will find another to in-dignify with it’s harsh beam.

Shy away from the light for if you gaze too long it’s fables may become all too real.

But blame not the light for what it reveals but that which is shines on.

For center stage is but you.

And for all to see is your being nude.

Enjoy the evening limelight cheers, enjoy your solitude.


-An Exposed Record of Myself


In response to the daily prompt Solitude



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