Injure me

Slam me against a wall, I’ll still buy you dinner.

Kick me in the ribs, and I’ll still have a laugh with you.

Twist my arm till it bends, and I’ll be glad were holding hands.


Tell me you love me, and I’ll wonder why.


Pull my hair, and I’ll thank you for fixing it.

Fracture my jaw, and I”ll still give you a smile.

Break my skin, and nothing can tear us apart.


Care about my feelings, and I’ll feel bad for wasting your time.


Strike me across my face, and I’ll know you had a good reason.

Stomp on my feet, and I’ll be glad our paths crossed.

Stab me through the heart, and I’ll feel closer then ever to you.


Tell me I’m worth something, I’ll question your motives.


Beat me senseless, and what I feel for you will still be crystal clear.

Slam a door in my face, and I’ll cherish your independence.

Wrap your hands around my throat, and I’ll say you took my breath away.


Physical wounds heal, but false words never stop their reverberating echo. Break my eardrums next if you please.


-A Resilient Record of Myself










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