For you….yes you.

It’s always someone. And in this case it’s you. I don’t know why though. Well that’s not entirely true either. If we’re being candid I know exactly why who you are as person is everything I could ever hope to have be a part of my life I know this. What I’m referring to is why of all the millions of people in this fantastically large world it is you. The probability of it being you are so low that it doesn’t even make statistical sense that it would be you. But yet it is. I suppose there is something to be said for blind intuition carving the path through a mountain. Over it, under it, through it. It almost doesn’t matter anymore. If you find yourself on the opposing side of the mountain all obstacles become irrelevant they simply no longer matter in my heart, and not just my heart. In every man’s heart, that individual he knows he loves, not “believes”, but knows without questioning it for a second in his mind. For me it’s not a debate, it’s not a struggle, not an unresolved conflict. Just a quiet resolve about the few absolutes in this world, and an assurance that I’m lucky enough to be aware of one of them. You.

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Articles of Clothing that Shouldn’t Exist


-Pants that zip slightly above the knee, or slightly below the knee thus allowing the detachment of the pant leg. Convertible pants if you will. Named shants because they are quite literally pants that shouldn’t be a thing…but are. Defying all logic yet ooh so satisfying to make others observe.