Peace comes in many forms, as well in the form of many people. But when the calamity of life becomes perhaps too complex or perhaps too stressful there comes a moment when the absence of it all becomes important. To be absent from one’s own life is even at times considered irresponsible as a neglection of duties is not the correct path towards success. But for a few passing moments it’s acceptable; tolerable without an accompanying chaos as a result. Where a person disappears when they need to changes depending on what they need. To be honest though I can’t imagine anyone going somewhere noisy, and chaotic like new york as that would seem to defeat the purpose of what you’re trying to achieve in terms of tranquility.

If I were to verbalize what this place looks like for me this would be it. Continue reading “SAIL.”

Sing Me a Song.

“Sing me song.”

“What do you want me to sing?” I ask reluctantly.

He thinks for a brief moment. Contemplating exactly what he wants to hear, and how it should be sung, and perhaps even for how long.

“It doesn’t matter what it is…but make it sound nice”

“Kind of vague isn’t it?”

“I told you it doesn’t matter honey I just wanna hear your voice” Continue reading “Sing Me a Song.”

Drink while the Sun still shines

“You’re wrong I’ll tell you that much” said the man

“About?” said the second man.

“The beer doesn’t shine like it used to, I used to pour myself a pint, and it was liquid gold in mug, now…not so much, more of a dull yellow like piss, and you used to say that shine–that glimmer would never fade, but it has, and so I say to you: You were wrong”

“I think you’ve spent more time staring into the mug then actually drinking, or maybe you’re looking at it wrong”

“How many ways are there to look at getting wasted in a dark bar?”

“More then a few.” Continue reading “Drink while the Sun still shines”